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Since its foundation in 1991, the Finnish Wushu Federation has been promoting wushu and advancing the knowledge of the community in these Chinese martial arts and health sports in Finland. The federation has helped to bring success for Finland in international competitions, organized national competitions, and provided courses and training camps to improve the skills of the community.

We provide invaluable resources, unique opportunities and a long-standing network of people practicing Chinese martial arts and health sports.

We’re accepting new members so if you’re interested in joining, get in touch today.

Summer camp 2021 - All

Zhang Fang

Helsingin Wushu ry


Tanja Mäki-Jussila

Virusmäen Wushu ry


Anne-Maj Tick

Kuopion Tajiquan ry


Liisa Kakkola

Lappeenrannan Taiji hu bian ry

Secretary & Fund administrator

Arto Alakulju

Oulun Taiji-seura ry


Seija Pulkkinen

Lappeenrannan Taiji Hu Bian ry


Satria Sutisna

Helsingin Wushu ry


Matti Hakala

Jigotai ry, Jyväskylä


Image by Mikaela Wiedenhoff

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